True Friends now available in SINGAPORE

We are happy to announce that True Friends: Sharing the Dharma is now available at:

Evergreen Buddhist Culture Service Pte Ltd
100 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-15/17 Pearls Centre Singapore 059812 
Tel: (65) 62206360   Fax: (65) 62219284   Email:


Sharing the Dharma in Kota Kinabalu!

We spoke at the Aloka Foundation‘s Education workshop for Sunday Dharma school making Sunday schools a happy place. Wai Leng’s songs were shared and taught, CD’s sold and much interest generated. What were were most happy about was being able to share our experiences and approaches in teaching and educating children. The workshop was held and supported by PuTuo SI Temple, along Jalan Tuaran in Kota Kinabalu.

Here are some points highlighted:

1. Rethinking needed to run Dharma Schools, we cannot follow the standard approach of mainstream schools.

2. More connection and interaction with the kids or children needs to be established. We need move away from a structured, classroom and teaching syllabus. We need to bring out the the best from our children.

3. Music, arts and creative activities are important to bring children to the Dharma

Wai Leng also made participants sing, organize and perform a short play. Nothing like being like children to engage with children.

Performance at MMUdsg Awakening Night 08

with thanks to David Karuna Tan

Workshop:Penang – May 25, 2008

If you are in and from Penang, Wai Leng will be conducting a workshop on music, play and games for Sunday Dharma School teachers at the Mahindarama Sunday School on May 25, 2008

This event is organized by ALOKA EDUCATION FOUNDATION

For more information, please email Sis Lye at this email


Free Down Load: Birthday Wishes

Birthday Candles

This is a really popular song which the kids in our Sunday school, you might like to introduce.

Click here to download Birthday Wishes

You can download the lyrics at here

Welcome to True Friends


Sukhi Hotu,

This album is a collection of hymns that I wrote since 1989 which was awaiting the right time and conditions to take form . Now after nearly two decades, these hymns have found the voices to sing them – my children and my spiritual family of KKBC! Together as true friends we share the Dharma hrough songs. May the words and melodies touch and inspire you.

May they illuminate your heart nd bring you peace and harmony ! We shall continue to harness the power of music in sharing the Dharma .

We hope you will be part of our musical spiritual journey !

Wai Leng
December 2007

Some Thoughts to share …..….

Music has always been a big feature in my life. As a child growing up in Ipoh, I used to listen to my aunt’s records which she would bring back from her numerous trips to England. That was how I was introduced to the world pop music of the 70’s. Taking up music and teaching was a perfect choice for me and for a while I enjoyed it. Then, I attended a couple of Buddhist camps in KL which opened up my eyes to what Buddhism in our modern world can really do to inspire the young and effect positive change in people. This period of my life was spent in discovering Buddhism and Buddhist work and this was the time most of my early hymns were written. They were inspired by the Buddha Dharma, some sutras or Buddha phrases that I had heard or read, or sometimes in meditation, words and music just come to me. I would jot them down in my music manuscript book and later develop the ideas into songs. I shared it with students who attended Buddhist camps then, and they in turn went back to their universities or colleges and started teaching others. That was how some of my songs, like True Friend, were already familiar tunes to many.

Having finally found a place where we can call “home” as our spiritual outlet in KKBC, we knew it in our hearts that this is the right place for our family. The members took to my songs well and in turn, I wanted them to be an integral part of this music project. It’s as if the songs were waiting for the right voices to take them in and finally it was the right time to put everything together!

I must thank our producer friend Rafil, for having the faith in me without even listening to any of my songs! And the person behind the album is really my husband, KV who has never ceased to encourage and assist me every step of the way! To my children, Amrita and Samanta (who give me their critical feedback) and all the singers on the album, thank you for your willingness to be part of this!

I do not aim for a perfect album – I believe that we should do our best yet allow for some minor “imperfections” that make it more unique and even beautiful. Beauty is not in the voice alone, or in perfect notes or perfect pitch. Beauty is in the heart and if we all sing from our hearts, that makes the songs beautiful. And I do believe that we all did with this album!

Wai Leng

Wai Leng